Friday, August 28, 2009

Au Revoir Paris: The Wild Wild East Goes West VIII

David Bowie, David Everitt-Carlson, Paris, Afrika, Mali, Infinite Wisdom, David Bowie, David Everitt-Carlson, Paris, Afrika, Mali, Infinite Wisdom, As I make my exit from Paris, I head to my local Internet cafe to clear my mails and make final preparation for today's departure to Mali, Afrika - printing visas, touching base with Twitter Facebook, and the like - having a tiff with a friend over a little "confidential" firestorm - just your normal days workings in land land of international drama and intrigue. As far as drama and intrigue are concerned, savvy readers have detected more than a slight riff between my partner and I in these travels and I assure you, I suspect that riff is far from over. But on we will go. The path to Infinite Wisdom is no easy one, I assure you. Today is launched for me by the man at my Internet cafe, who only speaks French, bellowing "Bowie!, Monsieur David Bowie, bon jour!"- This pretty much cements my happiness for the day in knowing that it's not only in Asia where I seem to favour the great thin white duke, but also here in France. Bon jour Paris, and thank you. Au Revoir, until we meet again!

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