Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If you like the blog, read the book: Wild Wild East

Recently I've recieved a number of nice notes from people who've read my book, Wild Wild East over the summer. This note from Yves Capelle made me smile: " This is definitely good stuff - and should be published. I'll send the link to a few friends if you don't mind. If there's a hard cover to be published, let me know and I'll make an order."

As I'm now based in Germany, I realize that I've now come full circle to the land of the man who sent me to Asia and opens the first chapter in the book, Michael Conrad.

Chicago, April 1995: I'm sitting in my office on the 26th floor of the Leo Burnett building, watching the sailboats go by, when the telephone rings; it's Michael Conrad, our Worldwide Creative Director, and he has a question: "What do you know about Korea", he asks. "Nothing", I said - and that's how I got the job.

The book doesn't have an ending yet, but I may be living it now...

The first 70 pages is now available for download - or you can read it from the comfort of your own screen right here:

Wild Wild East - An American memoir of uncommon circumstance

For those who are not fans of the
book-reading format, or it's just to damn small to read, download the standard view here:

Get me the big copy!

BLURB: (The publisher's sales pitch) Part memoir, part travelogue, part historical guide and part American business review, Wild Wild East follows the adventures of one businessman in his quest to have his creative life make sense. From an adoption agency in Manhattan to the board rooms of corporate America and then on to the far east, WWE weaves a story from 1995 through 2005 and beyond with flashbacks from the author's life that grow chronologically until they catch up with him in real time. Throughout the telling the author travels the globe through over 30 countries and the flashbacks occur every time he takes a trip, both before and after, usually when he is on a plane when there is plenty of time for reflection. In this way the story builds upon itself in both complexity and understanding from the reader as to why the central character makes the decisions he does and travels the roads of fortune or less fortune as the case unfolds.

Do give it a read and let me know how it works for you. And reTweet to pass it around.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I feel enthusiast. As a youngster with a short diploma in hand, I spent a year in Seoul in 1988 to open an office for the french chamber of commerce - and of course i did'nt know anything of Korea before landing. Today I'm celebrating 10 yrs in VN, another place i did'nt know and i still don't know. Furthermore I loved the WWW serie before reaching your tittle ! I'm feeling like an oyster looking at your demographic/psychographic target ;-) Congrats and wish the project will be finalize at your convenience. Brand provocator can only give birth to best-seller, what you will. Btw i would love.. "How a creative director became brand provocator" compared to "An american memoir of uncommon circumstance" you tagged on the actual cover. But i'm just a kid ! Cheers David, hope we can meet a nice day.

  2. I like the title. You should try to get an American publisher. Start by finding yourself an agent. Create a book proposal and send it out. There's lots of info about how to go about it on the web. I wish you good luck and success!


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