Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Are the Bloggerati Missing the market?

Somebody's gotta help me. I can't figure out why not a single blog in the technorati or social marketing arena is talking about the world's largest market. Why are the bloggerati preaching to the choir and not the church?

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Has anyone noticed that Korea is the #1 broadband internet penetrated country on the planet – with over 80% of 48 million people connected? Has anyone noticed that OhMyNews from South Korea has been around since 2000 and pioneered the area of citizen reporting way beyond any of the recent offerings in the west? (Translate: Truemors) Yes, OhMyNews has an International edition (click below).

Excerpts From Wild Wild East:

"It is the first of its kind (OhMyNews) in the world to accept, edit and publish articles from its readers, in an open source style of news reporting. About 20% of the site's content is written by the 55-person staff while the majority of articles are written by other freelance contributors who are mostly ordinary citizens."

Whoa! Innovation and entrepreneurship from Asia? "Tsunami go wrong way Kimosabe!"

Okay, I'm boring you. Let's talk about the 78 million siliconmunists in Vietnam, who drew 20 billion US in foreign investment last year, the largest on the planet, or the insanely growing blogging universe here...or China. Anybody wanna talk China? Ok, that's 1.5 billion people and I need to check my Internet connected numbers and bandwidth and so-forth but why?

Oh wait...The world is round? You don't fall off it when you leave America? Oh dear. The marketing community calls this market the "BRIC" market.

Brazil. Russia. India. China. These are the fastest growing, largest consumer markets in the world – and if products aren't coherent with the world's next largest middle class they will simply die. Are we inventing anything these markets want to use? Imagine digging up a Yahoo logo in a thousand years and the archaeologist explaining to his students that the word meant "a cowboy's cry".

"Short of nominating Ron Paul, the dark-horse populist candidate for president in 2008, it’s doubtful that America’s taste in candidates will ever veer towards people of my background – you know, red-light visiting, expatriate, advertising sorts, (Did I mention I’ve also smoked marijuana more than once?), but should I ever venture a run, there’s one plank I would insist on in my platform:

That every American of Selective Service age be required to spend at least two years abroad in either a military, or humanitarian capacity – or, at the very least, certainly those accepted to university – our future leaders.

I know, I hear a few million asses being laughed off right now. “What the hell is he thinking?”, you’re thinking. And I am required, not by any law, but by sheer sense of national duty, to tell you what I’m thinking. I’m thinking that America has spent far too much national capital on letting our military be our international face and not near enough letting our real faces be our face. It’s time to get out of the house and take a walk around the globe.

Right now America is a terribly misunderstood super-power with almost no national plan for growing good will in a world where the European Union has already surpassed the US in market size and Asia looms as the world’s next greatest and most profitable middle class. America's branding is in the dumper.

Too much politics for you? Well, that can wait. All I can tell you right now is that the world I was about to find in Korea was like a good cold slap in the face to this American and I couldn’t wait to get back to Chicago to tell the big boys about it."

Oh, I've got a big ole thread here, but then again, that's why I've written a Book. More on this later...

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