Tuesday, February 12, 2008

America Overseas? CitizenMekong to the rescue!

For all those worried about America's image overseas, I send CitizenMekong to the rescue – America's champion in the communist world!

Going to the War Remnants Museum here is a fairly sobering experience. Certainly one-sided but a side Americans have never seen – and as valuable as any museum could be. For starters, it's called the American War here – understandably so.

Gone now are the agent orange fetuses they had in glass jars, now replaced by photographs. Gone also, the photos of Jane Fonda and John Kerry. These exhibits existed until George Bush's visit in late 2006. Still here though are examples of some of our war hardware with plaques that say how many tanks and how many planes were used. They number in the tens of thousands of all sorts of killing equipment. The number of bombs dropped is singularly staggering.

And a Vietnamese man smiles, serves you a Coke and a bag of prawn chips as you rest under the wing of a plane to take a break.

The equipment in the video is not in the War Remnants Museum. It is stuff found all around town at different locations and part of anyone's daily walk.

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