Friday, April 17, 2009

Presidential Puppy In Rehab After Just A Week!

Alcoholic, Drinking, Family, Malia, Michelle, Obama, Political Satire, Puppy, Rehab, Sasha, Ted KennedyNews of the Obama's new puppy, Bo, spread like wildfire last week and easily beat the crap out of any stories from the G20 summit or the prez's recent South American trip. But news of the pooch's drinking problem was considered classified and received a "no comment" from Secret Service contacts deep inside the White House. President Obama promised his daughters Malia and Sasha that they'd be getting a puppy on the night he won the election back in November 2008 - he's six months old and is a Portuguese water dog - but what the Obama's didn't count on were hereditary traits passed on in the same lineage as Sen. Ted Kennedy's canine compatriots.
"He's a complete lush", said a staffer who wished to remain anonymous, "From sun-up to sun-down he hangs around the White House bar in the basement, plays Amy Winehouse, and can kill a fifth of Scotch easily by noon. His afternoons are spent sleeping it off, usually".

Alcoholic, Drinking, Family, Malia, Michelle, Obama, Political Satire, Puppy, Rehab, Sasha, Ted KennedyThe dog's drinking has been a huge news story in America, and even on Friday President Obama was being asked about it. Some websites were reporting the Obamas found the dog passed out on day one and when a journalist asked the President about it he said: "Oh, man, now, that's top secret." The Betty Fido clinic will be the site of the dog's rehabilitation plan and the Obama's hope to retain posession of a "clean and sober" Bo after a thorough twelve step program. Looking years into the future one can also see a resemblance between the puppy and Kennedy once his hair, the puppy's that is, turns grey. No plans for Kennedy's rehabilitation have been announced.

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  1. Quite creative.
    Thank you.

    I like the music, but I do wish it was voluntary.

  2. Thanks Burr! You know, somebody's got to have a little fun with Obama...

    ...and on the music, it is voluntary - you just have to turn it off in the sidebar, okay?


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