Friday, February 29, 2008

The Podcast Is Up!

Ahh, you've noticed a little music on the blog have you? Well that's the addition of the GarageBand podcast. If you go to the sidebar you'll see a little lite-green control panel with different posts and selections. If you like a particular song, get the podcast (download mp3) and you can music, garageband, indie-rock, podcast, fun, alternative-rock, mp3, download, wild-wild-east-dailies, wild-wild-east, david-everitt-carlsonsee the song titles with links to the artists. GarageBand is all unsigned artists, so you'll be helping some poor schmoe get famous if you become a fan! Over the last few months the visit length of blog viewers has increased dramatically. Over 25% of you stay for at least five minutes and a startling 8% are here for over an hour. I've even seen visits that reach into a couple of hours or more. Do I think these people are actually reading my drivel for that long? Of course not. What I think is more logical is that people are just pulling up the blog and letting the music play - like a radio station in the background. Cool.
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