Friday, April 25, 2008

Sweet Dreams: Interpretation please?

As my last post illustrated, I had an issue with demons this week. No, not the satanic kind but the more garden variety kind – people doing things and behaving in ways that make you pinch yourself and say, "Did I just hear what I thought I heard? Did that person just do what I thought they did?" People doing things that were more Machiavellian, more calculated – just less than nice. And I became afraid of that. That's where the fear post came from. n Come mid-week I had the feeling that I wasn't sleeping particularly well because of some depression over this. I had the need to take a nap on Thursday and decided to do so, but with the express goal of only dreaming of enjoyable things. The following dream illustrates those things. Should any readers have any insights to dream analysis, please make a comment or send me a note. n White Huskies in a beautiful white landscape. Beautiful powdery snow and low drifting berms. I wanted to see them closer, but didn't want to scare them, so I crept in the snow for a better look. I felt no chuskies for adoption, huskies, siberian huskies, washington huskies, huskie, huskies puppys, how tall are huskies, siberian huskie, alaskan huskies, washington huskies football, uw huskies, uconn huskies, white horse, white lion, snow, white, snow, huskie puppiesold. And then there were two and more. They ran perpendicular to me but came closer on my horizon and then began to run away from me in the direction from which I had come. As they ran further behind me I turned and began to run after them, as white horses and white lions joined them. I ran at a jogging pace to admire their running beauty as they collectively kicked up a beautiful white mist and vanished from view, far in the distance as I lost pace – and slowed to a walk. Looking at my feet I now saw them imbedded in sand – and a Coney Island sort of amdymaxion car, dymaxion, buckminster fuller dymaxion car, dymaxion house, dymaxion car design plans, dymaxion chronofileusement stood off to my left. It seemed my arctic fantasy had finished. Walking through the amusement park and looking for a way out I encountered one of those spinning rides, a space capsule sort of affair with multi-colored rotating pods on arms inside a spherical frame that continually blocked my passage. After a while I realized that I could stop them with my hand, and move them out of my way. They were quite light, really. Upon exiting the amusement park I boarded a kind of Dymaxion car, only this one without a roof and for just one person. It moved, effortlessly onto the highway, and seemed propelled by a magnetic force that kept it ofsoviet architecture, stalinist, russia, soviet unionf the ground – and it made no sound. We sped on a beautifully landscaped highway towards a distinctly Stalinist construction of fairy tale proportions – my car moving at much faster speeds than others and avoiding collisions by means of a sensing device that automatically adjusted to the presence of other vehicles and made the appropriate adjustments of breaking and acceleration, eventually overtaking them. It was exhilarating. It was fast. n And then it was over. We never reached the building of Socialist Classicism. My exit had come. And I woke up. n Post Script: My dog as a child was a white Husky/Spitz mix named Mickey. Mickey was my favorite pet. I had also been to Coney Island as a child and am familiar with eastern seaboard parks. In 1990 I was fortunate enough to have attended an art exhibit in Paris that featured the art and never built architecture of the Stalinist era. And, even though the car in my dream was not even close to Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion car, it behaved most closely to the way I would believe a futurist car to behave, given the technologies I understand are available today. n

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