Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sweet Dreams IV: All In A Mouse's Night - Interpretation please?

Tom Nelson,  Sweet Dreams, Jonathan Hoffman, Leo Burnett,  Studebaker, Rambler, Wal-Mart, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Interpretation Please, 1) Holding on to the rear fenders of two old cars, a Studebaker and a two-toned Rambler, I am dragged heroically, like a cowboy charging his enemy between two horses, but this is done in some sort of a normal parlance as I am having a conversation with a woman in the backseat of one of the cars and I feel no fear. This is just how things are. My friend, Tom Nelson, is driving and he speaks to me through the rear windscreen whilst holding up a platic wine cork - the kind with the metal aperature that one levers down to make sure the seal is complete - as if he has just pulled the stopper out of the fuel fill pipe, and says, "You might try putting some gas in it next time". 2) Jonathan Hoffman, my old partner from Leo Burnett, sits at a lathe in a dingy old factory with grease smeared all over his face and hands. He smiles broadly as I walk down the aisle of the shop towards a set of swinging aluminum doors and enter into what can only be described as a Wal-Mart-like office setting - rows and rows of blue cubicles under even more rows and rows of flouresent lighting in a scene resembling the last shot in Raiders of the Lost Ark - a cavernous, huge, clean, bizarre space that goes on forever. I have been asked to review the design for an electrical device, a not very technical intrument that is simply a switch where two sets of contacts will touch two other sets of contacts whenever a button is depressed. This is my design somehow and it works precisely. It is pointed out to me that what I have done is akin to a fine suit and I am a tailor. 3) We have traveled an hour and a half. I smile.

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