Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Homecoming: Sweet Dreams V

Homewood, Moline Illinois, Psychedelic Sunrise, Ken Boyte, Fidel Castro, Cuba, Sweet Dreams, VHS Tape,Interesting. I don't usually dream as much as I have been lately, but so long as I am, I might as well write em' down. This one was particularly vivid and I was able to revisit it after an early morning bathroom break and the taking of notes. Always fun when that happens. Like brain Tivo.

February 11, 2009

All of my friends have come to my home for my birthday party. The home sits atop a tiered landscape that drops down along a canal.
Ken Boyte, a friend from Korea, is pitching his domed style tent on one of the tired sections. He is having trouble with it. My college buddies, the High School pals - everyone is there. It's pretty wild. O Next door is the doctor's residence from the home I grew up in, in the Homewood addition of Moline, Illinois. It was originally built by a Dr. Laros, but later occupied by Dr. Escarza and his family. I remember my mom and the neighborhood tea ladies worrying that "them Mexicans would have the whole fam damily" living in the place. Dr. Excarza was Cuban, and this would have been just shortly after Fidel Castro's takeover of Cuba in the early 1960s. He had a quite normal family and his daughter, Rosa, was especially funny and popular in High School. But in the dream they have dug a recatangular hole in the ground in front of the house that is being used as a swimming pool. It is full of mud. One of my friends is climbing out with mud and chunks of grass all over his body but he is happy. I am unhappy because they took the space we were going to use for a volleyball court and now it was a mess. O My dad is there and I have purchased him a celphone. We make a call to test it and later he shows me a bill for $700. Strangely, I am not worried. O There is an art galery on the premises that has my work and photos of me. One is a black and white photo of me shot from over my shoulders. I am kneeling with a copy of a VHS videotape in my hands but in the photo the image is moving, so it is a video of a video that loops over and over again. O Throughout I am happy - running around greeting, organising and keepings things together. O There is a basketball arena with a stage but on the second mezzanine there is a desk, and underneath the desk is a 1970s sound system, Pioneer amp and tapedeck and such. It's the soundsystem for the whole place but it seems to work just fine. O Funny how things in dreams just work out.

Comments, analysis and interpretation are always welcome...

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