Monday, January 18, 2010

Catholics and Haiti

Just a note that the Catholic church seems to have no involvement in helping the victims in Haiti. Why? Or why not? Haitians are primarily of the Voodou religion. Funny how Jesus takes care of his own, but not others. As a young Catholic kid, I remember being told that if you weren't Catholic, you would go to hell. Seems they will let you go there all on you're own if you don't go to their church. Makes us all wonder.


  1. What about all the priests that did all those things to the young boys ?? Could you please enlighten your readers not familiar with that part of the catholic cruch.....My dear catholik friends here in Vietnam do not believe it and think that i am buhl sheet person for saying those untrue things. I must be evil to say such things......

  2. This is a completely erroneous statement! The United States Bishops asked every Catholic Church in the entire country to take up a collection for Haiti wich was done and all the money collected was sent to Haiti through the Catholic Relief Services. Many of the people who died in Haiti were religious sisters there serving as missionaries. Please do not slander the Catholic Church.

  3. Dan; Not a statement but a question. You gave an answer. Thank you.


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