Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Technorati DLD Interview Method: Efficiency in Journalism from WWED

Well, here we are on Sunday and as it turns out I will be attending the DLD conference today in Munich sponsored by Burda Media. and I'll be representing So that's the good news. The bad news is that due to my very late registration I was only able to obtain a partial pass, allowing me into the first day and a big cocktail party on Monday but I won't be able to see presentations or discussions on the second two days so that has caused me to be quite a bit more efficient in my interview techniques.

Below you will find the interview form that I will be giving to speakers and presenters at the event, but it's also downloadable here. If you are a speaker or presenter at DLD, please download your copy here, add the text of your responses and email it back to me. Boom. Done. A number of participants have already agreed to interviews and this seems an easy and convenient way to get it done, and also make sure that there are no misquotes. Yes, I'll be talking to everyone in person and making notes, but with over 100 people involved in panels and presentations, I at least needed this to keep things organized.

Technorati DLD Interview

The format of this interview is that I have provided 10 questions or statements but only 5 need be chosen to complete the task. I think this will give
some conformity to a group of people who are all at the same event, but allow for individuality and some character recognition for readers in knowing all the questions asked and then seeing which ones the respondents chose to answer. Some questions are global, some personal and some business. It will be interesting to see which questions people choose to answer, as well as their responses. All my reviews, reporting and these interviews will be published on first and then possibly aggregated later into something here, but to get the whole story you'll have to go to Technorati, this week at least.

Now, for the time I won't be able to attend the presentations there's always the Hunter S.
Thompson method I mentioned in my last post:

And sDLD,  TED, Munich, xing,  Aaron Koblin, Reinhold Messner, Reid Hoffman, Jonathan Harris, John Naisbitt, Mitchel Baker, Jimmy Wales, David Kirkpatrick, Infinite Wisdom, Hubert Burda, Hunter S. Thompson, Technorati, internet, Michael Conrad and Leo Burnett, hould I not get a press pass, there's always the option of covering it as Hunter S. Thompson covered the Roxanne Pulitzer divorce trial, Gonzo style. Thompson, finding the courtroom barred from reporters, simply grabbed the transcripts he could from grocery carts full of them wheeled into the courthouse hallway, and retreated to a nearby pub to watch the trial on TV and interview other pub patrons on the goings on of the trial - but with this not being a drug infused, high profile, sex scandal, I can't imagine that option being particularly effective - or nearly as entertaining.

Just the thought of this might have gotten me the pass I have in the first place. I'm sure the New York Times got a better deal, but hey, I can't find the Technorati foreign correspondent's office here, so I think I've done as well as can be expected.

And a special thanks to our old pal Hugh MacLeod from for the cartoon that opens this post. Perfect for conferences.

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