Friday, October 31, 2008

Dear Anonymous II

Anonymous, Wild Wild East Dailies,  Vanity Fair,  Comments, News, Opinion,  David Everitt-Carlson, A few months ago I received a comment from an anonymous reader and it was very complimentary. I seemed to have hit a nerve with at least the discriminating and ethereal crowd. Today, I received another comment from an anonymous reader, but a different one. That's it! We're changing the name of the book to "Anonymous"!

"What began as an interesting Blog with value-judgements I sometimes found appealing, sometimes irksome but always interesting, is fast developing into a visceral (and eviscerating) observational post on reality as we feel it rather than see it. David, keep these coming. I hate to admit it but
Wild Wild East has become addictive."

Over the length of this blog I've received any number of comments and mails from people I don't know at all. Rhona in New York was the one to let me know of the Vanity Fair story on Our Man in Saigon, and these other anonymous comments that trickle in from time to time, keep me grounded and motivated at the times when maybe I need it most. Thank you all. Long live your lovely anonymity!


  1. It's strange what can be behind and Anonymous comment and even more behind a Pseudonym. I like comments anyway, even those anonymous ones excepting horrid spam of course selling me viagra lol.

  2. Ha, Yanjiaren. Right after your comment was a bit of spam comment for some financial website. I rejected it of course. But yours are always welcome!

  3. What happened to the GarageBand and the music that got us addicted in the first place? The new layout is SO hard to read. And all those little odds and ends on the right side column. Your writing is just as good - but visiting the site is not as enjoyable. Sorry but true.

    And now we have to sign in in order to comment???

  4. Dear anonymous III: Garageband is still there! Don't worry. And the new layout is being tested for the next month. If it gets a bad vote, it gets trashed. And why hard to read? Fon't too small? Obnoxious colour? Want black on white, or did you like the black with white type? Do tell. This is all for YOU not me...

  5. Oh, and the "sign in" deal...If you're a Blogger member and not signed in to your Google account, it will ask you to do that. I did not change anything there.


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