Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Lehman Brothers. CEO - What a dickhead!": WWE's Quote of the Week 10.09.08

Bank-Bailouts, Bullshit, business, CEO, Dickhead, finance, George Bush, homebuyers, Thomas-Wanhoff, Lehman-Brothers, mess, News, wall-street, war-crimesThis one from Thomas Wanhoff and uttered right here in Vietnam. And I was even hinting at it a few months ago. in this very blog. Maybe the boys in New York and Washington can't see the forest for the trees and we need a level headed German in Vietnam to hit the nail right on the friggin' head. I agree with Thomas entirely on this one. These boys should all get a washing in the swirly bowl and be proscecuted with true American FUBAR vengence. There's a pile of dickheads right now and if our courts don't get em' maybe the American people need to get the government. Make sure to read Thomas' full post right here!


  1. Great comment you left on my blog and I love debate and engagement from different people. I too am Caucasian lol and feel the need to put things right without making villains of anyone..but lessons from the past can be learned in order for all of us to progress to something better.
    I enjoy reading your blog too. Even if we don't agree on every issue..the freedom to agree to disagree is in itself a great Human Advancement.


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