Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is it Bowie? Or is it Memorex? Nothing Much Happened (XIX) In München Today

David Everitt-Carlson, David Bowie, DLD, Munich, David Everitt-Carlson, David Bowie, DLD, Munich, Boy I'm giving away my age with that question. But, what the hell. Age is something I'm happy to give away. ??? So the other night, leaving the DLD party I end up sharing a cigarette and talking to these guys who, no slight intended, didn't really look like they could be affording the price tag of this three-day gig with all the stops pulled out. They've got punky t-shirts and ratty hair and dreads and well, they look cool enough, but way too young and too cool for the stylish digs we were leaving. I asked what they did and one guy says, "We're extreme mountain bikers and we're doing the alps", all California like and shit. "How'd you get in here?", I asked, and it was explained to me that their manager knows everybody and he just got them in - to P1, a club I've both hated and loved since I've been in Munich but not the kind of place I'd be hanging around if I were an extreme mountain biker. ??? "Cool", I responded. And then the other guy chirps up, "Bowie! Man! You look like David Bowie, man", I smile. "Fuckin' A he does, man - hey - do people ever tell you you look like Bowie - Man it's like freaky - No shit, we're hangin' out with David fucking Bowie", and they trip all over themselves in the conversation as I tell them that I've had thirty years of this story and yeah, it's cool and all that. "We're walkin' with David Bowie in Germany, man!" - as we paddle ourselves across the icy sidewalk outside and make for cabs. "G-night Bowie! G-night". ??? Fucked up people. Bowie was about Berlin, not Munich.

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  1. Proof is in the eyes. Everyone knows you have different coloured eyes. So they see your one normal one and one blood-shot one and jump to the inevitable conclusion B-dude.


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