Friday, September 5, 2008

Sweet Dreams II: Strange Dreams - Interpretation please?

1) Is there a map that puts Canada, Korea and Michigan on the same continent? I work there running a company. 2) I am fishing and getting a million little fish (pictured) in a sieve to bring to market. They tell me the owner is very happy. My catch is appreciated. hee bon park, beautiful korean, dream, nightmare, crazy, wow And a previous Korean girlfriend (pictured) walks in a diaphonous coctail dress looking sexy and exuding a confidence she never actually had, with funny old Mrs. Woo looking like an old Cheju Island statue (pictured) with a faker than fake smile chiseled on her face. Dominick, my old friend and past financial advisor just hangs his head in this parade of ghosts wearilittle tiny fish, net, dream, crazyng a trench coat and too shy to look me in the eye. I bark at Mrs. Woo and tell her to "stop smiling" (Koreans smile when they are lying or embarrased). But they are all walking parallelCheju Island statues, Korean, Korea, Fake smiles, hammer & Chisel to me as if separated by a fence or moat. 4) They say Mr. somebody, Mr. somebody works in Korea and Canada but lives in Michigan. I can see a map. They are all next to each other. 5) I see signs being hung, as if at Pike's Place Market in Seattle for fish, sausages and other fresh items and all the prices are the same as the US but it is not the US. It is dreamland. 6) I don't know anything about Canada. How did I end up here?

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