Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dear Technorati & Guy Kawasaki: WTF?

Riddle me this Batman? Why, twice in the last two weeks, have I been credited with mentioning both Guy Kawasaki's blog and Kevin Miller's blog by Technorati? Why are
both these people getting Guy Kawasaki, Japanese American, Blogger, Apple, How to change the world, Amerasian, Technoratia "blog reaction" from me when I haven't written a darn thing about either of them recently? Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against either man and I don't think there's anything nefarious going on but, the self proclaimed authority on blog tracking, seems to think that I am mentioning stories from both these guys in my blog and that, just simply, hasn't happened. Here's the link to Guy Kawasaki's blog that I supposedly mentioned.

As always his blog is interesting but I didn't say squat about this post...and sez I did. Hmmm. Here's also a link to Kevin Miller's blog.

Now, Mr. Kawasaki and I have never met, although we do have a mutual friend in Hugh MacLeod, but Kevin Miller and I did work together at American International School (AIS) this summer.

So here's the riddle: Is it possible to actually "manufacture" a perceived reference to an article or has Technorati messed up in some way? The reason I ask is that these "false positives" contribuGuy Kawasaki, Kevin Miller, American International School Saigon Vietnam, Japanese American, Blogger, Apple, How to change the world, Amerasian, Technorati, Linux, Open Source, saigonezumi, Vietnam bloggerste to the said blog owner's "authority" rating on Technorati, thus making them more "popular" in terms of reference rating. Now I doubt that either one of these guys gives a damn, as both of their blogs are rated so, so much higher than mine but I'm asking myself, "So what do I get out of this deal?" And the answer is "O", zip, nada, sQuat with a capital Q!

And here's the kicker! By writing this post, I AM actually giving both these guys a reference! Damn. I think they should both give me a big fat Nuclear kiss!

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