Monday, December 7, 2009

How To Write The Best Damn Blog In The World II

Blog, Blogger, Blogging, Billy Crystal, Danny DiVito, SEO, Hits, Pageviews, Money, I've got the secret punks, but do you think I'm gonna tell it to you? Hell no! If I've got the secret to the word's coolest , most traffic generating, most awesome, most digitally-ever-inspiring blog, do you think I'm gonna tell you without a dime? Fark no. I've got a matrix of metrics that you can masticate on for the next millenium and I'm not givin' up until I hear 'CA-CHING', about as loud as the Niagra Friggin' Falls (yes, that's a proper name). So give it up folks. Right here, before I tell ya'll.

Now are you ready?

Whoa cowboy. I haven't that happy 'Ca-CHING' yet.

My hand's at my ear... I'm listenin' ...

But I'm not hearin' anything ...

Scroll summore, Cheap Charlie
(that's a proper name in Vietnam)

Ok. You've paid enough. At least in time and frustration.

Here's the answer:

W r i t e.

And then write more. Check the top 100 blogs on Technorati or any other rating site and you'll find they all have one thing in common. Bloggage. Quantity. One post a day or more than one post a day. Here at the Wild Wild East Dailies we're slacking a bit and only committed to three posts a week. But that's what I feel I can do comfortably and with a modicum of quality. A better writer might could do more.

But that's the secret. It's called

I recall a quote from the film
'Throw Mamma From The Train' with Danny DiVito and Billy Crystal. Crystal is a writing teacher at a small city college and he has a mantra by which he encourages his class everyday.

"A writer writes", he says. "A writer writes".

That's the secret.

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