Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Low Tech Germany? Who Knew? Xing vs. LinkedIn, round I

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xing, wench, LinkedIn,  Facebook,  Twitter,  Web 2.0,  Fred Flinstone, stoneage, internet, Let me get this straight? The most popular business website in Germany doesn't connect with LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter or twat-all? Yup. Welcome to Xing. Which is about like having a slingshot that slaps you back in the face every time you try to fire a social network pebble. Living in Asia will really fuck you over digitally. It just kicks the shit out of most of the west. Xing is positively low-tech and definitely not web 2.0. It's static, doesn't incorporate any of your other SN sites and basically just sits there. Trouble is, everyone else is on it. It has nothing for message boards, crap for groups and doesn't give me squat. Except parties. Tomorrow night I'm going to a party with 380 returned guests at €10 a pop. Just one free drink and pizza. But a ton of great looking (female) attendees. Low tech, for sure. But I've never been to a LinkedIn party. Cool. I can Xing. "Hi Wilma, can I chisel my name into a little business card stone for you?", sez Fred to the fetching wench?

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  1. Xing may be not that fancy but it is profitable. It makes real money instead of user numbers and page impressions.

  2. Hey Dave -

    Don't know if you saw this:

    How Asia Makes The U.S. Look Like A Third World Country


    JR in SGN

  3. Thanks JR. I put a link in the story for it.


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