Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blog Redesign Update - Mimosa is The New Black?

Blog,  Redesign,  Internet, Blogs,  Pantone, Mimosa, Yellow, Trendsetting, Forward, Spring, MSNBC, yahoo Buzz,Thanks everyone for voting on the new blog colour scheme. Please continue voting through Christmas. At present "yellow" is loosing to choice #3 of "Try again dumbo", so honestly I have no idea what you all like and I'm not much in the business of wanting to please the masses - Oprah and Britney seem to have that market all sewn up. But in a very small nod to understanding my readers and being user friendly, I'm not changing the damn colour scheme, yet, but I am acquiesing to the idea that yellow may just not sound cool - so I'm nicking a page from the 2009 spring fashion scene and adopting the pigment moniker of "Mimosa". The folks at Pantone Inc. colour systems call it Mimosa- 14-0848 TCX. Hell, if nothing else it just sounds pretty (without the numbers) and forward and hip and oh so godamnedtrendsetting if you will. To support this choice of nearly a month ago, loyal reader, Freya, sent me the following MSNBC story on next season's hot colour choice, and you're not going to friggin' believe it - it's Mimosa - or baby crap yellow as it is more commonly known. Not ochre mind you, cause that just sounds old but Mimosa because it sounds fresh, with a hopeful twinge of optimism like the world being renewed or ideas of light finding rebirth. And if that isn't enough psychobabble you can read the companion story on Yahoo Buzz. Yes, that's two digital news services in support of this blog's decision whilst their stories were still being written. So we're trend-setters. All of us together - way ahead of the curve, as usual in the Wild Wild East.

For my own thoughts. Black was dark. Black was Bush. Black was where we were. Black was back. And whatever we do, wherever we go, I would much, much more like that to be forward. There was truly no conscious design choice or logic in the new Mimosa. It just felt better. Besides, "Try again dumbo" doesn't even have a Pantone number.

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