Thursday, April 3, 2008

Brazil. I love Brazil!

There you are Brazil. All proud and dominating on that map of South America. But seriously, what's wrong with you? Have you noticed that there are absolutely "0" little flag
symbols in your cobrazil, dental-floss, map, jobim, wildwildeastdailies, wild-wild-east, shawnmichaele, david-everitt-carlson, news, world-news, globaluntry, and a shitload in New York, all over America and a damn nice sampling of Europe and Asia to boot?

Those little symbols are people who read this blog. So where the hell is all of South America? And even Africa for that matter? Nada for two continents. Okay, I don't speak Portugese but you really shouldn't hold that against me. I love Brazil. I saw your president in Brazilia on that Orange County Chopper show on Discovery Channel - a channel I've even had films on. You're the only country in the world that exports more coffee than Vietnam. You've got the best football team. I saw you play in the first World Cup Game in the US in 94 at Soldier Field in Chicago. And there's that dental floss you sell to the young ladies as beachwear. And Jobim!

The map you see is over the last week or so. I've even had visitors from Afghanistan, Mongolia, Iceland and Moscow, but never Brazil. So it's about time I rectified this situation. Should things improve, I'll promptly post a map of all my new Brazilian readers, but you're going to have to shape up pretty quickly. I've been getting a serious trickle from India lately and I need not tell you that they have a whole ton more people there than you do. Now you don't want to get whupped by India do you? All they play well is Cricket and Cricket is for girls, right? Thank god your country wasn't plagued by that colonialist pansy sport.

Go get em' Brazil. I'll be standing by.


  1. Hello, I´m Brazilian!!

    And I can tell you why you don´t get much visits from Brazil. People here just seem to forget that there is internet on the whole world, and that most of it is written in english, so most people just ignore that part of the net altogether.

    Most Brazilians hate english too, I don´t know why, there is really no reason for it, but it´s a fact. There are English schools everywere and almost everyone I know is familiar with the language basics at least, but for some reason that I just can´t understand, they just choose not to have any kind of contact with English unless their lives depend on it.

    So, there you go. Unless you get a .br domain and get all your content in Portuguese, you just wont get our attention.

  2. Hey, that's okay. You know I'm just having a little fun with the stats, right? Thank YOU for visiting!


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