Monday, November 3, 2008

Welcome Afghanistan!

Shit. We just got our first hit from Afghanistan. You now join Brazil as one of my smallest country readers. Cheers.
Bush couldn't find Bin Laden but I think I've got the biotch on the run! He loves the Internet, I hear. Here are the stats:

IP Address: [Label IP Address]

We Have Establihed Mirowave Link From Kabul
Entry Page Time:
3rd November 2008 14:02:13
Visit length:
5 hours 43 mins 43 secs
Firefox 3.0.3
Windows XP

Kabul, Kabol, Afghanistan
Returning Visits:
Entry Page:
Exit Page:
Referring URL:

Bloggers rule. Tell the New York Times or Vanity Fair to call me. I've got scoop. Notice also that they spent 5 hours, 43 minutes and 43 seconds on the site

Oh. dear, Bin Laden's in Pakistan now, but I get a few hits from there every now and again.
Must have been a Taliban SEO guy. Yeah, that's the ticket.

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