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Should I really believe my horoscope?

Dalat,  Vietnam, astrology zone, Michael Jackson,  Infinite Wisdom, June 22nd, Psychedelic Sunrise, Women are From Venus Men Are From Mars,  Kenneth Boyte, If my previous post from Dalat wasn't cryptic enough, regarding both the death of Michael Jackson and the birth of Infinite Wisdom, I just thought I throw a bit more wood on the fire. Blogs are a socially prickly affair and I've learned all too quickly that one's personal life needs to be a bit guarded here, but since I've made everyone so curious, it seems way more than fair to make you even more curious. Suffice to say, I'm in the mode of making a few changes, so to speak, so today I had a visit to to take a look at my horoscope - to see if what has been happening this last month, has had anything to do with what was predicted to happen. Keep in mind that I didn't read this last month, so I had no idea of what was supposed to happen.

What's probably more important here is that I allowed some things to happen, that I might have previously been opposed to, so that's obviously been a good thing (and has been referenced by many of you in comments to me). Secondly, I have been moved in a direction to want things to be different - and that's been needed for quite some time - so on to the future. Following are snippets of my horoscope from the months of June and July. I have kept my comments to a minimum and only highlighted the areas that really do make sense with what's going on.


A conversation with a friend on the "Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars" theory, makes this all make complete sense.

"This month's configuration is unusual. Venus adores being with her lover Mars, but the way things more often turn out is that gentle, beautiful Venus is assigned to other parts of your chart, much too far away to steal kisses and treasured minutes with her macho lover, Mars. This time, as things worked out, Venus and Mars will be within a few tiny mathematical degrees of one another, rubbing shoulders, which is very significant. Venus will enter Taurus on June 6, and from then on, you'll be set. When together, these two energetic planets will act like two matches in a forest - they have the power to start a bonfire and light the midnight sky. To say you have a lot of fun coming your way in June is an understatement!"

June 22nd was my birthday.

"This new moon on June 22 will fall in 1 degree of a cardinal sign, Cancer, and that is a very special degree, for it's exceptionally energetic. Whenever you see zero or 1 degree of a cardinal sign, you know that aspect is very powerful. Those degrees are considered to be very pioneering and energetic, and so you'll be eager to start new endeavors and relationships. This does signal to me that very little will deter you once you get beyond the new moon."

A big road will open up for me? What might that be?

"What makes next month so exciting is that your second new moon in Cancer, due July 21, will be a highly friendly solar eclipse too, giving this new moon the strength of three or four new moons, all rolled into one. A big road will open up for you - and you'll be anxious to explore all it has to offer! You may notice developments in June, but the news will be even bigger in July.

The following explains my look into self:

These lunar events in Cancer will ask you to reexamine your life and make corrections so that you can be truly happy. Indeed, these new moons are all about you. You spend a lot of time taking care of others, for your sign is one of the most nurturing and caring of all the signs. Yet now the universe wants you to think about you, dear Cancer!"

This is about being encouraged to plan what I want:

"With Mars in your behind-the-scenes sector, you will be able to take the time to map out your priorities and choose a strategy this month and during most of next."

This is about working together, happiness and inspiration.

"The new moon in Cancer will arrive just at birthday time, June 22. Yet this new moon opposes Pluto, so you may be both attracted and repelled by the dominant nature of the partner (or potential partner) you are dealing with at month's end. This person is powerful, and may offer you strong financial security. With lovely greetings being beamed from Jupiter (happiness) and Neptune (inspiration), this new moon could bring you a better financial picture if you do link with that person. Creatively you'll hit on one idea after another, and each will be better than the next."


"July could well be your landmark month of 2009 for it heralds the start of a new family of eclipses in Cancer and your opposite sign of Capricorn. "

Am I experiencing a life changing event? Probably.

"Often life events take place at eclipse time. Eclipses help us evolve into a more mature and sophisticated version of ourselves. They also test the strength of our relationships and our sense of purpose, determination, and courage. If you've needed a reason to take a big step, the eclipse will provide it. Indeed, there is nothing like an eclipse to shake us out of our complacency and give us a reason to view things differently."

Time to travel - Europe and Africa are now on the horizon, but weren't 2 months ago.

"On the very same day as the eclipse, July 7, Mars will be in beautiful angle to Uranus, so you may be taking a trip quite unexpectedly. Cancer is not a sign known for spontaneous actions, but this time I sense you will feel ready to be a bit more carefree, and it's all for good. Alternatively, you may get news from a person in a foreign country who will want to work with you, and again, you'll be thrilled."

And where or who, exactly, is "true north"?

"Romantically, as you might have guessed, this month is a bit more about Cancers who are attached. If that's you, you will need to decide what you need in a relationship to make you happy. If you feel you've found that special someone - your "true north" - you will be given the impetus to move forward."

I do know it's time for a change. The whole Dalat post was about that.

"Your life is about to be turned inside out in months to come, but changes are long overdue. You are ready for the next phase you are about to enter."

"The first eclipse, July 7, will bring a surprise development in a close, serious, and possibly romantic relationship. It's more than you had hoped - are you ready? "

"The July 21 solar eclipse will be highly friendly and will open a whole new road. Hold on to your hat because travel, study, or foreign people / international settings will play a large role in your life in coming months."

"This eclipse is friendly, so even if thing are changing at the speed of light, remind yourself that you are ready for these changes and what's to come will be more suitable for your future. Life will change dramatically and move you in the right direction."

Be ready at the end of August to step vigorously forward into the light. From late August through mid-October, it will be your time to shine! Be brave, for at that time the deck will be stacked in your favor."

To quote my friend Ken Boyte from his book, In Search of the Psychedelic Sunrise, "Let the rebirth begin!"

Thanks also to RCNevada for giving this post a plug!


  1. So you're staking your life and future on these and subsequent lunar predictions Dave and recommending this way for effective decisionmaking?

  2. WTF Geoff? I risked far more working for big ad agencies in the 80s & 90s! And as Hunter S. Thompson once said, "I can't recommend sex, drugs or alcohol to anyone, but they've worked for me?"

    Nancy Reagan ran a whole country this way!

  3. Horoscopes are like a psychic's cold reading. Pure B.S.

    My advice is to step back from your Dalat mind set and take the time to let the reality of every day life catch up with you.

    Then if you're still jonesin' for a major change, go for it.

    Chúc Phát Tà

  4. Good thinkin' RC. The Europe/Africa trip should whip me into shape!

  5. Really fantastic your post. I look forward to future posts.


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