Thursday, April 3, 2008

$2.42 cents!: But not from PayPerPost

bucks, big, big-money, pay-per-post, bullshit, rich, money-bags, filthy-rick, bad-banks, bailouts, American-people-pay, corruption, dollars, worthless-dollarMonetize baby! That's what I urged you all to help me do a few posts ago and I'm happy to report it's working like gangbusters! A big shout-out to Joyce for getting the ball rolling. Before Joyce, I was just sitting on a measly 0.83 cents – for two month's work – but after her hard-clicking efforts, I'm up to a blistering $2.42! – a better than three-fold increase. That's all green my friends – all green.

And so with this little head of steam, we're heading into Phase II of the Wild Wild East Monetization Program.
It gets positively snarky from this point on. Enter, the perfectly, positive people at PayPerPost. According to their website, they're offering me $20 bucks if anybody goes there and converts themselves into an active account because they saw it here first. In the fine print; paragraph 17.2a there is a small mention of "transferring right of first refusal of first newborn male progeny from contractor to client" and something about DNA checking but other than that, things seem pretty much on the up-and-up.

Here's a blurb from their site:

I signed up for PPP!

You are our newest Postie... Help us spread the word!

Opportunity Description:

We are looking for new Posties to talk about what you love best about PayPerPost. We want to know why you signed up and how you heard about us. Have you made any new friends? What have you learned? Spread the love!

What are you going to do with all the money you earn!?!?!?!

***Please remember to have at least one original/non-sponsored post before and after this post. (required for all sponsored posts)***

My Custom Tracking Image:
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Disclosure Requirements: 158300
The following disclosure image must be placed at the end of your blog posting. To use, copy the code in the text box after selecting your desired color and paste into your blog post.

You know, there's a lot to think about in life today. There's the global warming thing, the idea that a black man and a pretty woman are in a catfight for our nation's highest offices, that nasty bailout business, the fake memoir scandal and the debate over whether Spitzer's bitch will get rich or not – but here's a good clean, no compromise deal!

In accordance with the request from PPP I will dutifully be reporting to you about "all the new friends I've made", "what I have learned" and a detailed description of "what I'm going to do with all the money I earn?".

Shoot. I'm going to black out the windows of my Bentley in Vietnam so all the little people can't see me. Yeah, that's what I'm going to do.

P.S. As a post script, I haven't heard squat from Pay Per Post since this went up. I certainly haven't made my $20 and they have not even approved this blog. I just wrote to them and asked them to discontinue my account. This looks like another dead end on the Internet. BS 2.0

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  1. Paperpost is nice in the beginning until you get your pagerank slashed by Google then you get hardly any sucks after a while.


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