Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bentley #5: Perspective III.2

For anyone who's counting along with me, I just logged Bentley #5 here in Vietnam today. This model, a two door
white Continental GT, with a rakish rear roof line was a particular shame tBentley, BritCham, Continental GT, Communist Hairdressers, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon, news, perspectiveo behold. Where in the hell is anyone going to get any driving enjoyment out of that car in this country? The highways in Vietnam have been built with ISO Certified Afghan technology that picks up where the Soviets left off. Even the oxen stay off em'. And who spends that kind of money on a white friggin' car? Communist hairdressers?

I'll have to ring up BritCham this week and see where the rally and Queen's Birthday Bar-B-Que are being held this year. Could be a charming afternoon in the country... if we don't get our paint jobs dinged by falling coconuts.

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  1. dude, there must be more than 30 bentleys in Vietnam now... a GTC (the convertible, same as Paris Hilton) arrived not long ago.

    there are about 10 Phantoms.

    still a few more needed to catch up with the amount in any one postcode area of central London though.

    ps i would drive one here... why not if you had the cash.

  2. DJ!

    Thanks for the update. I did see one Phantom one day. A white one. And see the latest post.


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