Monday, March 2, 2009

We'll Have a Gay Old Time - Perspective XIX: The Little Things XII

1) "We plan to fail" - this is an idea I had for an Apple theme line - the idea being that they try so many innovative things that there has to be a lot of room for failure. Every business should allow more room for failure. 2) There's a penguin on my cigarettes surrounded by gold stars. I doubt that anybody ever sees it. 3) "The Anti-brand". This is an idea I had to appeal to people who don't like to wear Nike logos on their shorts or shun commercialism entirely. I am like that sometimes. 4) "The Individual Collectivist" - This is a concept I have of the new Asian consumer. There's so much collectivism inbread by society, governments, schools, Buddhism, Confucianism and the like but everyone is busy creating their own personal world in the way they program their cel-phone, structure social networking sites and design blogs - it's almost an inverse reaction to collectivism in much the same way that rebellion is for western teenagers. Just something I'm thinking about. 5) I saw a lawyer in a bar who gave me just a huge amount of shit over owing his girlfriend, a cafe owner, a dollar for a beer. Odd when your whole life revolves around just one dollar. I paid him. 6) I sang with a woman tonight and we did a nice job. My voice has gotten much better with age. Sort of a lofty, bouncy baritone. 7) Was asked to do a public speaking gig the next night and the whole show became a train-wreck because the sound system was full of feed-back in both of the mics. There was nothing I could do to save it. 8) There's a funny thing in Vietnam - when you drink a beer they give you a long cylindrical tube of ice inserted in the mug. As the ice melts the waiter will come, remove the melting cylinder, and replace it with a new one - placing the old ice back in his bucket, presumably for another customer? 9) I've found a restaurant that serves deer, stirfried. It's delicious. 10) I was called a musical genius the other night. That was nice. 11) I'm copying Hugh MacLeod, as he instructs. Not the cartoons but just the general idea of having a lot of ideas and using the Internet to get them out there. 12) Time to sit and think. I'm making all these notes in a street restaurant and just having more thoughts than I know what to do with. 13) I went to the Hacker's Happy Hour recently and then to the Creative Circle, the advertising get-together. Amazing how different their attitudes are. More on this later. 14) At a certain point you realize it's not about the money but you can't do anything without the money. 15) I walk to the back of the restaurant to use the toilet and two girls are singing and doing the dishes in big plastic tubs. It's so cute. They smile at me. 16) There's a million ideas in every day if you just stop and look at the little things. 17) I learned a lot in Korea but I found myself in Vietnam. 18) The evening ends drinking beer with some Vietnamese guys who have limited or no English. It's a little bit of fun. I bid them farewell as one of the guys is in the men's room. Walking home a motorbike pulls up and the guy who had been in the men's room want's to tell me he is interested in going home with me. I explain to him, as best as I can, that I'm not gay and he is obviously disappointed. 19) Sometimes you just don't see stuff coming.

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  1. I almost always find David's random musings cogent ... this post is especially readable and lucid.


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