Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Today on the street there was a woman with a small pile of electrical refuse – wires and connectors and stuff, sockets & plugs. She had a screwdriver and a small hammer and wVietnam, 1950s-architecture, frank-lloyd-wright, minimalism, decoration, french, james-bond-buildings, recycle-advertising, ideas, lady-on-the-streetas very deliberately separating the tiny copper and brass connectors from their plastic casings, throwing the plastic away. Each effort yielded a piece of metal about half the weight of a penny. She had a very small bag full of the scrap metal – not even a pound; and that was worth her time this afternoon – right across the street from the photo here. Graham Greene in his novel "The Quiet American" called Vietnam a country where nothing goes to waste. I see this in practice everyday. I am paid to think for a living. I shouldn't waste a thought. Perspective, for sure.

Update: 03.02.09 - I have learned since, that the building you see pictured was designed to be the home of a famous writer - hence, the window treatments representing the quill of a pen. Tre' cool.

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