Thursday, March 6, 2008

Old Numbers: Good Morning Vietnam!

I realize immediately, that any number I post here will be old before I hit the enter button. And so goes the Internet. But I wanted to follow up on my earlier post "Are the Bloggerati Missing the Market?" with a few numbers on Asia and Vietnam's Internet growth.

The first thing you've got to do is to stop looking at Internet numbers by country. That's not a true comparison of markets, and so the first chart here, the pie chart, uses continents rather than couinternet-penetration, vietnam, WPP, Martin-sorrell, siliconmunist-valley, wild-wild-east-dailies, david everitt-carlsonntries for a clear comparison. And yes, Asia is the largest represented with almost 39% of the world market.

The second thing you'll notice is that Europe, or the EU, is larger than all of North America – something for the boys in Cupertino and Redmond to keep in mind.

And the third is good old Vietnam. Ahh, that storied battleground of yore. Home to a few good movie titles and a ton of old war surplus (see the 'Citizen Mekong' post), Vietnam is quite busy carving out a brand new future – on the web. Ranked at country #16 today, Vietnam will steainternet-penetration, vietnam, WPP, Martin-sorrell, siliconmunist-valley, wild-wild-east-dailies, david everitt-carlsonmroller over Indonesia, Spain, Canada and Mexico to nuzzle up just under Russia in the next year or so. Should Vietnam ever reach Korea's penetration of seventy-some percent that will put them at par with Germany, or solidly in the top ten.

Now don't go rolling in your capitalist coffins just yet over this one – just remember that you heard it here first. Martin Sorrell, chief honcho at communication giant WPP, made a serious mention of Vietnam as a hot market in his annual marketing outlook last year, but I'm not sure anyone heard that one. Even AdAge neglected to print it.

Good Morning Vietnam!
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