Friday, September 19, 2008

The Browser Wars


Okay everyone, for all of you Giggly over the launch of yet another "amazing" Googly product, here are the stats on the usage of the new "Chrome" browser in comparison with other popular browsers in use today as recorded on my blog here in Vietnam. For the record my users come primarily from the United States with Vietnam a close second and Canada, Korea and the UK after that. And remember, you can always click on an image to make it larger should you really want to read the fine print.

google-chrome-browser-logo-lovely-camino-firefox-explorer, safari, apple, mac














As you can see, Microsoft Explorer 7.0 is still the winner, even on my blog with 27.8% usage. Firefox follows with 22% and then good (bad) old Explorer 6.0 with 18.6%. Apple Safari logs in with a respectable 6.2% and finally Chrome with 5.2%.

Now being an Apple man myself, I'm still partial to Camino, a Mozilla browser for the Mac and that is what is showing up here as "Mozilla" with a lowly .6% but in my comparison usage of Chrome this last week, I relate it closely to Opera in look and function but above all else in operating Google apps. My mail and blog load furiously fast in Chrome and over time I'll get used to the clumsy "thumbnail view" at opening. I've also had a chance to work on a Windows Vista system the last few weeks with MS Explorer and all I can say about that experience is that you don't need it. Microsoft needs more than Hugh MacLeod's Blue Monster or a Jerry Seinfeld commercial to pull its own head out of its ass.

And Chrome? It was only good for 70s furniture, lamps and car bumpers previously. No telling where this version will go.

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