Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Introducing WWED Radio: Wild Wild East Dailies Radio!

Here's a note (ha ha) I received the other day from a reader, uh, listener, of the WWED. It really reinforces why I continue to decide to keep the music up. It's part of the experience, really I believe - all part of the "cornucopia" aspect of the blog in not ever sticking to strictly one kind of story and using videos and whatever I can to keep it fresh and unexpected - stuff that just sort of hits the wall and sticks...


Hi. I really enjoy your blog, especially your attitude. And the music is an extra hook! I try to play good music in our shops in HCMC (Saigon) to entertain the customers. And people keep asking what we play so it clearly has some effect.



Big Dragon@Blue Dragon Craft

222 De Tham, D1, HCMC

81 Pasteur, D1, HCMC

I also receive mails from people who don't care for the "autoplay" feature and I let everyone know that the music is controllable in the Gcast podcast control in the sidebar. To turn on and off, just hit the pause button. Today's music begins with commercial samples from DeepMix.com in Hollywood - and since Lisa is using our music in her shops to spur retail sales, or smooth shopper's spirits, we might as well do a little selling! (Don't we need an A.S.C.A.P. license to do this?)

For an update on WWED Radio in 2010, click here.


  1. Love the often-surprising, always apt, music (and videos and color and graphics ... every element adds another intriguing layer that makes this the coolest of the cool blogs I follow.

    More, please!

  2. Wow Anon, well thanks!

    An interesting postscript today also: Lisa, the writer of the note above told me today that because of this post, someone was able to find her products on AliBaba by just searching Blue Daragon Crafts - Cool. We didn't even have a web address to give a proper reference - the power of the WWED just continues to amaze me...


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