Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Do You Want From Them? WWED Radio Goes National in the US!

I had a message on Facebook the other day from a charming woman in the US named Anna Smith. Anna lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and runs a website called "What Do You Want From Them?" WDYWFT? is a site dedicated to helping young managers and employees cope with the demands of management and working in small and medium sized businesses.

Anna Smith, Facebook, Germany, What Do You Want From Them, wild wild east dailies, WWED RadioBut that wasn't why Anna was messaging me at all. She was writing to ask if she could use our podcast, which I call WWED Radio, on her website. She thought it was the perfect antidote to young management stress. She went on to sell me by calling the playlist "genius" (I agreed) and "a work of art" Anna Smith, Facebook, Germany, What Do You Want From Them, wild wild east dailies, WWED Radio(and of course I agreed again) and then I not-so-reluctantly agreed once again to let her take the widget and place it on her site, but honestly, she didn't even have to ask. The widget is available to anyone who would like it - and all podcasts are downloadable in mp3 form as well. Anna's just a nice girl and did the right thing in web 2.0 etiquette by asking me. She also provided us a credit and a link, and by golly, a $$ donation to the efforts of WWED! Cheers Anna. WWED luvs U!

"Anna Smith was inspired to create "What Do You Want From Them?" by the struggles she faced managing a tanning salon when she was 20 and a Waffle House when she was 23. "I remember when I was first introduced as a manager and I was 23, every one of my employees was probably in their 40s,” Smith said. Smith created the site to help young managers share experiences and develop relationships with peers or mentors."

She said the the name WDYWFT? came from a question all managers should ask themselves before addressing employees, customers and upper management. As a marketing guy I might expand on that and start a site called, WDTWFY? dedicated to customer service. What Do They Want From You is always a good question to ask there.

Take a look at Anna's site. It's a nice idea and I think she's just in the beginning of building a large and loyal tribe. We're just happy to be the DJs! Coincidentally, Anna is from Germany and that's how she found us.


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