Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Accused of dreaming...

Recently, I have been accused of drinking and smoking, both true, and being a perfectionist, sometimes true, and dreaming, always true. And all by a person who has never had a dream come true or smoked. I find that sad. And I like this cartoon by Hugh MacLeod that explains it in more rational terms.

Those of us in the creative arts do what we do because we love what we do, and hate doing what we don't like to do. And that is that. It is simply worth so much more to suffer through the down times in business to live and see the day where ideas are born, produced and enjoyed by others, than it is to work in mediocrity forever buying boredom and unhappiness.

I don't know anyone in the business who ever got into it for the money, but I've seen quite a few people
(including myself) make a bit of money in the process and then the challenge becomes keeping ones bearing. What's more important? The process or the profit?

So have another dream. And keep the strength to make it come true.

From The Loose Canon Manifesto

Dreams are persnickety and fickle things
living totally in space, untethered to anyone
And if no one shares them with us, they go away
Dreams take confidence
Dreams take planning
Dreams exist
Dreams keep us going
Dreams pervade our waking hours
but without trying to realize them, are worthless
Dreams have no use for the conflicted
Without love, dreams die
Dreams are not selfish
they invite us all


  1. Nothing wrong with dreaming... or drinking or smoking, come to that.

    It's nice to dream such a beautiful dream, that no waking-state could ever compare to it - no architecture no painting no person could ever match it... unless you're prone to nightmares, that is!

  2. Thanks Mags! I'll keep dreaming!


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