Friday, April 2, 2010

Pachakutik: The Travis Diaries XXXII

"Pachakutik" - Travis

Pachakutik is an Indigenous Kichwa word which signifies change, rebirth, transformation and the coming of a new era. It's a positive sign. A very positive sign. And these last couple of weeks, Travis has had just about enough shit. It's time for a little Pachakutik!

As you can see, Travis has also been a bit verbose this week (see the following many posts) and it's not without reason. Too much shit. Lies, deceit, mistrust, new age evangelism and just about enough pompous "I'm so perfect and you're so fucked up" shit to last an entire lifetime that Travis has had enough - so now it's about time he started calling his own shots, instead of letting someone else do that.

Now mind you, Travis is a friend of mine and whilst he might not always be the sharpest tool in the shed or the most eloquent, Travis means well, and he's got a heart of gold - even without having a pocket full of it. Travis is peaceful, loving, tolerant and above all honest, but let me tell you, because I know him well - once someone pisses him off, that's pretty much the end of it.

So it is with Pachakutik that Travis will travel now. And travel well, I hope. There's just so much garbage a man can stand, and knowing Travis as well as I do, he just doesn't have the time for that anymore. Pachakutik Travis! We all wish you well.

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  2. As they say, it is less about how many times life knocks you down and more about that you still are back up on your feet again.


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