Friday, October 2, 2009

An Introduction: The Straight Story...

As I have now relocated to a new city and begin a new adventure in marketing, it seems only professional to offer a biography of professional proportions - and so here that is:

David Everitt-Carlson.BIO.DE.10.09

David Everitt-Carlson, Hallmark, Hugh MacLeod, Leo Burnett, McDonald's, Miller Beer, Shit Creek Consulting, Sony, United AirlinesBut all that said, it seems a bit lacking in spirit, wit and attitude, so please reference the cartoon on the left. That says, what I would very many times like to say, but can't. The cartoon comes from my friend, Hugh MacLeod, for and sums up - in one tiny picture and line - just what I'd like to say to all those clients who are more impressed with an agency's big logo than with the ideas and the people behind them, themselves. And let me tell you, I know plenty about the big boys, because I've worked with them, even been one of them, and seen them muck up quite a few accounts, without my help, on any number of clients - like the time Leo Burnett had Hallmark, United Airlines, Miller Beer, McDonald's and Sony, all in review at the same time. They managed to save one of those clients. But being one of the big boys is not always so bad - not if you're in a position to truly make a difference and have a client who wants to make a difference as well. I'll take the 4 years I worked with American Airlines and put a commercial on the Super Bowl (The world's most expensive media event) and tell you that spending a million bucks in production plus a few mil more for airtime isn't a half bad way to make a living. (Make sure to PAUSE the podcast in the sidebar before playing the videos so the soundtracks won't conflict.)

but I'll also tell you that spending all of $10 to make a series of Sony commercials that used no pictures at all, to promote their music products, was just as much fun, and probably twice as effective. It's all about the ideas.

And so in today's new media environment I'm much happier to know that a good idea that spreads is worth far more than any old idea that's being paid to be spread, and I now spend a whole lot more time urging my clients how much money they should not be spending as opposed to how much more they could be spending. It's all in the power of the ideas. For those who don't know me yet, or couldn't be bothered with the document above, it's enough to say that I've kissed enough butt to know what the big boys want and how they do what they do, but also kicked enough butt - from inside the system, to know how to work beyond and around the tried and true, towards ideas that are more trying and truthful. For those with a digital Jonze you can find me at the following: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and of course check out my other YouTube videos. I hope to meet many new faces in the coming days and will be happy to be digitally yours, as well as personally yours. Cheers.


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