Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to get from Mali to Munich: Into Afrika with the Wild Wild East IV

Bamako,  Mali,  Apartments, Cash,  Munich,  Vietnamese, Vietnam , Beautiful girl,  09.02.09 The day began with apartment searches in Bamako and let me tell you, a trip to the grocery store, a car buying soree or an apartment search for foreigners will turn up higher prices in Mali than you're able to find in nearly every other country on earth. When they see a foreigner, they see cash, tons of it and there are just no two ways about it. An Apartment in Mali costs more than a house in Vietnam or a flat in Paris. Witness the photo of a beautiful girl trudging through the mud-strewn streets of Bamako and tell me how much the apartment will cost. Right. Now, go figure.

The day ended at 4am the following morning with my partner, coming into the common vestibule between our rooms in the family home and announcing that we were going to Munich. "David, we're leaving here". she said. She had seen enough of the country and was ready to go. And so we are now in Munich.

I will follow up on our exit from Mali later, (it was not all about the country) but for now, dear readers, the location is Munich. We have been here for a week and a half now.

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