Sunday, August 22, 2010

America: The illusion continues

Jonathan Harris, John Wayne, The Duke, DLD, Munich, Chinese, Davos, America, Iceland, Italy,  New Mexico, Germany, I've been a fan of Jonathan Harris' work since long before I met him at the DLD conference in Munich this year. This year he's been on a quest to post one photo a day, every day, from everywhere he has been from Munich to Davos to New Mexico, Iceland, Italy and more. Today's post is about America and I like his take on New York, after his having been in Iceland for the past long few months. "Because when an illusion gets too big, the damage it would cause by collapsing is far more terrible than the damage of keeping it going. It's a simple and sensible trade-off — kind of like trading a car crash for cancer." - Jonathan Harris. That's America alright.

Will the illusion survive for our children - or be passed to the Chinese? Rich over at RCNevada reports that the official unemployment rate in Las Vegas is 14.8%. Wonder what the Chairman of the Board would think of that?
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