Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Couldn't I Just Tell You" what 1972 was all about?

Todd Rundgren stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon a few nights ago and dipped into his back catalogue for this gem, "Couldn't I just Tell You". What I can tell you is that in 1972 we were still reeling from the Watergate allegations that would later bring down a President and my father, a Korean War vet, was telling me that Vietnam was , "not the war to go to" and offering me ideas in Canada as I was about to turn 18. During that time I had also purchased an album called "Something/Anything?" by the artist above. Little could I have known that this first burst of powerpop positivity for me would grow into a lifelong following of Todd and his myriad of musical explorations and diversions along the nearly 40-year long way - a trip, well worth the taking.

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  1. that's how i feel david...i started in '74 and haven't looked back once. who knew then the amazingly wonderful impact he, his words, his soul, his passion, his ideas would have made on me and continue to do so now. love is the answer :~)



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