Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Soulmates: The Loose Canon Manifesto IV

Soulmates never lose

Soulmates always win

Soulmates only come

Soulmates never go

And there can only be one

Soulmates pave over roads that others trample

and when the dust has settled only your soulmate will be there

Soulmates cry

Too much sometimes

Soulmates don't discern the difference between physical, spiritual or ethereal love

They are all the same, like tense in the Chinese language

Soulmates squeal with delight

And don't always need to talk to say why

Soulmates see

But are blind in helpful ways, to the others faults

And soulmates fight,

not with each other but with anyone else who tries to destroy their union

Soulmates live

Soulmates die

But never without the full knowing to the other that it is time to go

And then soulmates wait

In heaven

Because that is where they can live

in peace

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  1. I like it. Enjoyed talking with you today. it has been a long time

  2. Soulmates: The Loose Canon Manifesto IV... This Poem is ABSOLUTELY IT for Me!!!!


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