Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Face Lift: WWED Remodels

Birthday, Face-lift, Facebook, GarageBand, Remodle, Vietnam, WWED, WWED RadioDavid Everitt-CarlsonWatch out for that paint can! Things are a bit of a mess around here. I had a birthday last week and decided a face-lift was in order. This growing old business ain't pretty, so please bear with me.

For the next few days, and maybe weeks, we'll be tinkering with this thing and getting it just perfect, but for right now - don't walk under that ladder - you'll just have to live with it. I've got gay interior designers running all over the place trying to sort this out. It's making me a little wonky. And somebody shut my Facebook down again. Welcome back to Vietnam. It's just like it was when I left, only commie-er.

I'm sorry if things are a bit hard to read, but nobody reads most of this stuff anyway. My best customers are here for WWED Radio, and that's going to be having a face-lift as well, as GarageBand is closing down and I'm trying out a new service in the next few weeks - so sit tight and let Michael Jackson's doctors work on this face.

As was asked of me a few months ago when I showed an old photo of myself with long hair in a tank top, "Can we have that boy back?"

Oh, he's coming back alright, just a lot better this time.


  1. Mừng em về nhà. Germany was a little too Teutonic for what I've seen of your style.

  2. Hi WWED,
    it's hard to read the wred writing in the wright sidebar. Especially when I'm scrolling down fast - it looks like there are hidden subliminal messages.

  3. Oh, I like the background!

  4. Oh, piss off Rich!

  5. Anna, we like you. Rich can go out and find himself an affectionate cactus so far as I'm concerned!


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