Saturday, May 3, 2008

Technorati Rank: 1,614,138

And what is that you ask? That's this blog's ranking according to Technorati, the world's leading tracker of blogs and social media – and while that may not seem particularly impressive it's quite near
technorati, technorati tags, technorati conversational marketingthe top 1% of all blogs in the world, with Technorati listing 113 million blogs in total. All in just three months – from Vietnam of all places. And we just keep on growing. Each time this blog gets linked from another website or blog, our ranking get's better. And that's thanks to all the readers. So, thanks to all folks – readers, subscribers, linkers and the lurking masses I see all over the world but have not yet met. If you're a blogger, do take the opportunity to register your own site with Technorati, and make sure to check the favorites link you'll find here in the sidebar. Cheers. The horn tooting is now finished.

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