Sunday, July 6, 2008

Todd Rundgren: On the road again...

For those who may have missed Todd Rundgren since, maybe, the "Hello It's Me Days", I'm happy to inform that he's back and on the road again - as he has been for the last 40 years. His latest offering, "Arena", is a collection of songs designed to be played in large concert venues like stadiums and indoor sporting facilities. Todd's logic being that, if he built it, they might come.

As guilty a pleasure as it has been for us devoted Rundgren fans to have had him as a somewhat unknown cult hero all these years, we'd just as well like to see him playing arenas. For an artist who has contributed so much to the fabric of rock and avant pop over the years he's remained relatively obscure in the general rock consciousness. Maybe now, at 60, he's ready to break on to the arena circuit again and teach the likes of ColdPlay and U2 a thing or two.

Give a listen to "Courage" from his latest and see if you just can't stop liking this song. I can't.

Make sure to "pause" the podcast before playing the video.


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