Sunday, July 20, 2008

Henry Miller - Perspective VII: The Little Things III

I'm gonna rant a bit and the quotes in colour are from Henry Miller's "Tropic of Capricorn". - Dream: Hugh Kwon from Leo Burnett in Korea works at Nintendo and is my boss. (only in this dream) Is reviewing my expense reports and instructing me how to cheat more effectively - old contract story from the "Wild Wild East" (not in a dream) . - Kevin and Charlie and Robbie and crew are all at the Lan Anh club today. Fracas in the pool. Cool. I'm reading Henry Miller.
- "In America they're constantly running amok. What they need is an outlet for their energy, for their bloodlust. Europe is bled regularly by war. America is pacivisistic and canabalistic. Outwardly it seems to be a beautiful honeycomb, with all the drones crawling over each other in a frenzy of work; inwardly it's a slaughterhouse, each man killing off his neighbor and sucking the juice from his bones. Superficially it looks like a bold, masculine world; actually it's a whorehouse run by women, with native sons acting as pimps and the bloody foreigners selling their flesh. Nobody knows what it's like to sit on his ass and be content. That happens only in the films where everything is faked, even the fires of hell. The whole continent is sound asleep and in that sleep a grand nightmare is taking place." - I'm writing in Paolo's, the French cafe below my home. I can't have the details of the past in my writing - Forget the little things. Smells, and such. Bugs. A blur. Story about the roach on the wall of the bar and men behaving like roaches while it crawls. Li-Li bar. Finished. - There's a Saigon kiss on my leg in the sunshine. A fading burn on my calf from touching a motorbike tailpipe parked to shortly and no room for a man to walk in between. - And Paolo's bar breaks into a barwide chorus of "Stand By Me" when it shows up on the stereo and then a French song, even f%4#*ng louder. It's Sunday night. 8:45. - These are not the clouds of Chicago - The South Pacific only. They don't move. - "And I was just a Brooklyn boy, too, which is to say one of the last and the least of men." - A raindrop in the sunlight. - "Confusion is a word we have invented for an order that is not understood." - Long hairs growing from a mole. Beautiful for Vietnamese men. You see it all the time. No pictures for you today. Imagine. - "Most of us live the greater part of our lives submerged. Certainly in my own case I can say that not until I left America did I emerge above the surface. Perhaps America had nothing to do with it, but the fact remains that I did not open my eyes wide and full and clear until I struck Paris. And perhaps that was only because I had renounced America, renounced my past." - I have a large Philly cheese steak sandwich waiting. Over and out.

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