Thursday, May 6, 2010

Can you spot rejection III?

Don't love you,  Fuck You,  cruel, Bitch,  The Truth,  daddy, ouch, Dang Hai Yen "David, I dont love you. IF you can't accept that, I need to let you go and never contact you anymore. I need much peace and calm to do my therapy and then work."

Well that's pretty clear don'tcha think? Hope that therapy works. Should anybody be in love with this person? Hell, I can write a better 'dear John' letter than that. Why didn't she just say, 'fuck you' that would have been faster.


An old friend:

"Ouch. I think maybe she needs a Daddy, not a lover. You need to cut the cord before you get hurt any more. Not even sure if you should be friends -- at least for a bit -- (you need to protect your feelings too)."

Her Doctor:

"Life has not just only one woman. The right one is waiting somewhere for you in the world, at the most unexpected moment.

Not only did she trash my writing. but she trashed me in the end. Man, life's a bitch. What I thought was a light at the end of the tunnel, turned out to be a train.

For a great list of rejection letters check here. And call me when you grow up honey.

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