Sunday, May 9, 2010

The end of form letters - frog and Sapient: Out of touch?

Now this scares me. I recently submitted onlíne applications to jobs at both frog and Sapient here in Munich, and in both cases I was rejected. But it was not so much that, I can handle rejection - it was that they both sent form letters to do it. Wow. Read their websites.

frog design, sapient, Branding, brand experienceFrog says: "We help create and bring to market, meaningful products, services and experiences" with one of the ugliest and most non-innovative websites I've ever seen. So why would I want to work there? Maybe to help them. This blog looks better than their site and that's a sad comment, because a lot of their other work is very talented and focused.

frog design, sapient, Branding, brand experienceSapient says: SapientNitro is the world’s first customer experience company. We create and engineer highly relevant moments that accelerate business growth and fuel brand advocacy. And their website is ugly and not innovative either. Icky.

So we must be having a joke here. What company in brand experience and brand advocacy sends a form letter, to anyone? I don't care how pretty your design is, simple miscommunications like this simply make you look like shit. And because of that, I'm going to tell a few people about it. And not so nicely. Their fault.

The head of another global design agency sent me this: "Those suckers! They just want bright young things who don't know shit."

So, in this era of social communications I would like to proclaim The End Of The Form Letter. For any company who's in the business of brand experience, this should be business 101.

Next class: How to write an actual letter and inspire and encourage brand devotion.

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