Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shut Up: Larry King Retires

"I never learned a thing while I was talking," - Larry King

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Larry King will retire as host of CNN's "Larry King Live" after 25 years. That will make King nearly 100 and by then he will have had roughly 9 wives, if judging by past performance.

But seriously folks, King will be retiring in the fall and I must say I will miss him. He's conducted over 50,000 interviews in his career and in that business, he is a master. His disarming appeal to guests stems from his candor and genuine likability, preferring to give them just enough rope to hang themselves, if the situation warrants it. In my time overseas I've enjoyed King as a barometer of who's important and what is really going on. Can anyone replace him? CNN might look towards actor Billy Bob Thornton. He's had 5 wives so far.

Take a break, Larry. I'll miss you.

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