Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tired of being cute

Cute, Kiss of death, Tired of being cute
Nathalie Carby: Cute is the kiss of death for men... my condolences....

Thanks to my Facebook friends for cluing me in on this.

Kayla McMurray White: this is how i remember you
David Everitt-Carlson:Is that a good thing? I was told recently that 'cute' was not a good thing...
Cheryl Rayden: Aww what a sweetie !! XO ; ) ♥
Sylvia Wilson: That's the way I remember you too! (And what's wrong with being cute? Cute is a GOOD thing!)
Cheryl Rayden: Cute & Handsome.. OK.. Intellectual.. Ha ha !! ; ) ; )
Kayla McMurray White: you were cute with a bad boy it's all good

For more old photos check here:

That Embarrassing 70s Show - I was in it.
The Boys of Winter
The Hair Job III


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  2. I went there a few weekends, and I noticed this really cute girl. ... If you and your posse are ever bored on a weekend night, tired of the typical Netflix ...

  3. Besides, and I'm just being honest, sometimes I'm so
    tired of being a mommy, ... begging “please, please, please,”
    giving me the cute puppy-dog face that ...


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