Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Goober Gun Gigs Saigon. Again!

Goober Gun, Vietnam, Vascos, Supersize, Southhampton, England, UK, Saigon.
Goober Gun minus the guy on the right.
After a December and first visit to Saigon, power trio Goober Gun, hailing from Southhampton, England, was back to Vasco's for another Supersize party - except this time the cover was slender-sized by 50% buying you at least half of one of the vnd100,000 ($5) cocktails once inside the place. Such a deal - but Goober Gun brought their 110% game to town, 2nd on a three-band bill with headliners I was not familiar with, with a name I can't remember. But who can forget a band named Goober Gun? Try explaining and pronouncing it to someone else in a loud club when they yell, "Who are they?" "G.O.O.B.E.R. - G.U.N. !", you scream back - quizzical look on face of other person.

Nuff said. GG's 3 piece (I know, there's 4 guys in the photo) stance brings one's mind back to the Police on a decidedly 80s-phased evening and their big power-pop sound, augmented by three-part harmonies and a lead-singing drummer was anything but Genesis. Songs '1979' and 'Monster' took  full advantage of the band's full on performance and gave the headliners something to follow - which I don't feel they ever did, despite an extra member. My UK friend on business from Singapore was impressed - differently than another musical friend of mine who had seen them before in December at a higher price and remarked, "They only sucked a little". I thought these Gunners did gud - or would that be Guubers?
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