Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saigon/CreativeMornings packs the house. A small, good house..

Bertrand Peret, Dustin Nguyen, Mads Monsen, Saigon Creative Mornings, Sandrine Lloquet, TBWA

Thanks to actor, director, producer Dustin Nguyen and a spirited group of creatives, our first session was informative, casual and fun. We hope to have video up next week.

Thanks also to Sandrine, Bertrand and Mads for the photos and TBWA for the space :)

We learned how not to make an "Instant noodle soup movie", just how tough the Vietnamese censors are as compared to Singapore and China, and just how many seconds your product can be on screen if you paid for product placement in a love scene - interesting stuff. More to follow.

And not one single person asked one single question about Johnny Depp. Good Saigon/CreativeMornings to you all. More about Dustin can be found here.
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