Friday, June 13, 2008

Don't Forget to Vote!

a Sorry Hillary supporters, but that girl needed a fork put in her months ago – so you'll just have to find someone else to vote for. a Glad that's over. a But before you think I'm another head-over-heals Obamaphile wait just one damn minute! a I want you to vote for me! Yeah, me! And the place to get that done is none other than here. Right here in the Wild Wild East. And right there in the side-bar – in the readers poll section.aAnd there's only a few days left. The readers poll ends on June 22nd, my birthday, and the results may well determine what kind of shite you'll end up reading for the rest of the summer. a Results so far, from just six of you casting ballots, are pretty interesting, so let's run through the numbers as they stand now and see where things are going – or how YOU could change things in the next week. a Clocking in at 0% are "Brain Surgery" and "Mary Magdeline's Gosple" so it's pretty certain our readers have perfectly functioning brains that didn't buy any of that DaVinci Code bunk. a Bringing up the rear at just 16% currently, are "My Taxes", "Things you can't get anywhere else" and "Marketing" proving once and for all that all the money I've paid in taxes from my marketing work is of no interest to anyone even though it's a figure you couldn't get anywhere else. a Holding up the middle though, at 33% are "Advertising", "Social Marketing" and "Gary Glitter's Prison Time" going once again to support the idea that even middle-aged pedophiles with pompador hairpieces are of reasonable advertising and social marketing value once they get thrown in the Vietnamese poky and get a little poky thrown at em' themselves. Go get im' boys! Gary's in the house! a Rounding out the numbers and striking a very respectable 66% is interest in "Vietnam and Asia" ... and that's one of those numbers that make you wanna go hmmm. a Hmmm, all that writing about little alleys, odd food, crusty prostitutes stealing my phone and Bentleys falling from the sky seems to be paying off! Hmmm. a Beats writing another sexpat tome about Southeast Asia. Guess I'll have to leave that to Vanity Fair. a And don't forget to vote! This is at least one world you CAN change! a

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