Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Technorati Update & UFOs in Vietnam!

Wednesday, and I'm way overdue for an update. My usual post diet is to get in three a week – two short and one long. When you see one of the longer posts, that could take me anywhere from five to eight hours, depending on complexity. Sometimes the number of links included, along with graphics and images can take two extra hours of HTML prUFO, Geez, Rupert Murdoch, Technorati rank, UFO Vietnam, Vietnam, National-Enquirerograming, aside from the actual writing. But this has been a busy week and I've had nMaps, Geez, Rupert Murdoch, Technorati rank, UFO Vietnam, Vietnam, Phu-Quoc-Island, UFOo time for that kind of detail. Meetings with lawyers over a bad contract situation, starting a new assignment and moving house have been enough to keep me busy.

But sometimes nice things happen on one front when you're busy on another and so this week's Technorati ranking is in. And we've jumped, inexplicably it seems, from seven hundred thousand and ninety-something to a very nice looking 524,474 – just inside the 1/2% mark. And much faster than I had expected. So onward... Who da "F" are you? This week's map includes an unnamed island off the coast of Africa, Ecuador, Botswana and Mongolia! Now we're getting global.

Elsewhere in Vietnam, Kevin Miller over at SaigonNezumi reports a UFO crash on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam! Get the whole scoop on his blog. Personally, I think it was just a Bentley that fell from the sky. That seems to be happening a lot here. Or has Rupert Murdoch snuck into country when I wasn't looking? Geez. Commie reporters are on the scene! More later...

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