Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Deported for lazy lawyering in Vietnam? But I'm not a lawyer!

I havLawyer, Vietnam, Sue client, Idiocy, Law, Crazy Deranged Fool,  How Not To Market In Asia,  Deported, Ha!e just been told by a lawyer in Vietnam that she has reported me to the US Consulate, the US Embassy and the Vietnamese Immigration Authority and is suing me because she does not like me. Let me get this straight? Lawyers in Vietnam sue clients? Shitty lawyers maybe. Hmm. Hope I get deported. Good book in that.

My, my, my. I called her lazy, yes - she said that insults cost more than lawyer malfeasance in Vietnamese court and now she wants to sue me and deport me. Shit. It's better than not working at all. If she continues on this rant, I could actually make money.

Here's the story:

I wanted to hire a lawyer to help me on a contract case a month old. Not a big case at all - but important to me. She proceeded to lead me on for 4 weeks, do nothing and then loose documents of mine and blame me for not having documents. Her office is a shambles of old desks with broken drawers and piles of paper but I am not on a large budget at all so I simply regarded that as part of her working scheme. She does seem intelligent. I write this blog to my Embassy, anybody who actually gives a shit about tiny matters and the Vietnamese Immigration authority. I don't like this woman very much at all because she has been summarily unprofessional.

I think she wasted four weeks on my case, was lazy, disorganized, lost documents and has been a complete sham. I've been told that she can sue me in Vietnamese court for insulting her. And well I did. I have called her a terrible lawyer, disorganized and a basic mess. And then she wanted to charge me money! Sue me girl. I have insulted you.
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